before I start, this is definitely not one of those unhealthy thinspo blogs.

I'm going to start off now by saying that I'm a dancer, I'm sixteen, and I've been dancing for about eight years out of my life. I'm absolutely in love with dance, it's my emotional release, it gets me through everything. I'm currently trying very hard to be the best that I can be and I'll continue to push myself until I get there. As a dancer, I'm surrounded by others that inspire me to work harder, but at the same time I often feel down on my luck because I'm not quite there yet. Sometimes I feel self conscious about my weight, or about how my body appears, so I end up comparing myself to others. I've decided to make a change. So, I created this blog to motivate and inspire me. To remind me that with hard work, perseverance, and a positive attitude, I can achieve all of my goals.

In this blog, you'll find inspirational photos, dance photos, quotes, personal updates and stories, and anything else I find helpful on my journey. I hope that you'll follow along and maybe get inspired as well. Enjoy.

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Triangle Youth Ballet’s Nutcracker

Simone Ghera Photography

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Sayaka by Luke Isley

Kathleen by Luke Isley

I need to talk to someone.

dance makes me both the happiest and the saddest I can ever be…

is anyone really into workout tips or anything?


message me.